Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great Expectations

I had so many ideas about this first post! It was going to be fantastic! Fabulous! Bombastic, even. I was going to be the most adorable fashion blogger on the internet! I was just going to walk to my closet, make a cute, contemplative face and put on the most amazing outfit of my life, while still giving the impression that I dress this adorably every day. I was going to look casual, yet sophisticated (and I was going to spell that word correctly the first time, too). 

But, do you know what I ended up with? A bedroom scattered with black, white and red clothing items (because I was going to post this on Valentines Day) and I was sweating because I had been running up and down two flights of stairs to check my outfits, because the only full-length mirrors in the house are in my parents' bedroom. Nothing fit right, nothing was flattering, nothing matched and nothing came even close to my standard of first-post-worthy-perfection. My life was over, I was never going to be a fashion blogger!

"But, HUZZAH! There was an encore to my life..."
-Olan Rogers, Death is a Quiet Wave

After all the chaos, all the fittings and all the neglection of my responsibilities, I came to a realization:
God is the only perfection. I can't expect anything to be perfect, except Him.
Even through the time of taking photos, I was trying to achieve that out-of-reach level of picture perfection. You know, the kind of totes-adorbs pictures people pin and click on to go to your website. 
However, that's not always realistic for someone as un-photogenic as I am, no matter how amazing your photographer (sister) is. 

Now here we are! And I've been putting off this post for almost a month (the pictures weren't taken a month ago). I've learned so much this year already! One of the things God has convicted my heart about is my inability to manage my time well. And I'm working hard to become a more punctual person. Does that mean I haven't read any books this year until yesterday? Probably. But I've gotten so much done (including establishing a daily workout routine. Yay!) and hopefully that good streak will carry over into my blogging responsibilities.

This is the face you give your photographer when she gets too particular about your facial expression

Like I said, it took me awhile to pick out this outfit that works, but doesn't exactly blow you away. But, I'm satisfied.
Note: In general, black is not an "Autumn's" best color. However, since I'm a "Deep Autumn", my coloring allows me to wear some "Winter" colors like black! Adversely, if you're a "Light Autumn", your coloring allows you to dip into some of a "Summer's" colors.
Now, here are the outfit specs.
Skirt || Amanda Smith, Thrifted
Shirt || American Eagle Outfitters, Thrifted
Vest || maurices, Gift
Boots || Lower East End, Via Payless
(They're on sale! Click HERE )
Belt || Thrifted
Jewelry || Mom's ;)
Purse || Thrifted
In all, the outfit probably cost me Around $40, the main cost being the boots. However, if we're talking cost-per-wear, it almost cost me nothing.

There you go, my first post! I hope you enjoyed it! Maybe you skimmed through the pictures without reading my descriptions and that's okay, I do it too! I hope you have a lovely afternoon. Please comment below to let me know what you think and what you would like to see on Empress of Autumn.


  1. This is a great post! Keep them coming. You are a lovely lady. :-) ~Lisa (Paige's mom)

  2. Congratulations on your first post! :)
    This is a fun outfit! I know what it's like to be looking for a new blog-worthy outfit with my bed piled with clothes....ugh....anyway, bravo for finally put one together and learning a great lesson along the way.

  3. Very cute and modest outfit! I've been looking for an outfit inspiration with a vest and a skirt. I'd love to follow you on Blogger! You should add a Join This Site widget :)

    ❤ Blaze Ann

  4. I love this outfit! The skirt is the perfect length! So cute :)
    -Jenna <3
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