Greetings and salutations! My name is McKenna and I'm the self-proclaimed "Empress of Autumn" (click the tab titled Empress of What, Now? to find out more). Actually, I'm just a peasant compared to the One I call Savior. Jesus is the reason I have eternal life (a forever home in Heaven) and He is my King.
I currently live in Kansas with my wonderful family. My Dad is the senior pastor of our church and my Mom is a stay-at-homeschooler who takes delight in teaching us about everything from spelling to Spiritual matters. As a family we're big into health and wellness, a journey we've been on for quite a few years, that is finally paying off. I love sharing what I've learned and this is one outlet where I do just that!

As a long-time blogger, this is my first real dip into the fashion world and I'm very excited to see where this leads. I've always been big into history and this has manifested itself mainly in historical costuming and costume designing.
I share about that on my blog Cherishing my Role (in the Home) .

 In everyday life, that passion for history still expresses itself in many ways. I love wearing vintage clothing and accessories and generally go with a very classy, early sixties look. The basics (pencil skirts, solid/graphic tees, jeans, tailored pants, blazers) and dress it up with scarves, shoes and jewelry. It's a very budget-friendly mentality, believe me.

Another main side of my fashion sensibility is a sort of gypsy/bohemian vibe (No, I'm not a hippie. No, I didn't mean an actual "vibe"). I love florals and layered jewelry, headbands and sandals. It's somewhat laid back and easy to mix and match.

Those above two columns will probably change content throughout the years, as I discover more about what I love. I'm sure I'll be laughing at my old posts someday, then someday even later, my granddaughters will be drooling over all of my vintage outfits and scold me for getting rid of so much of it!

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