Empress of What, Now?

I chose the name Empress of Autumn because it pertains to my "Autumn" seasonal coloring. You, yes, you, fall into the category of a Color Season. It refers to your overall "Color Aura"-as Edith Head called it, created by your skin tone, eye color and hair color. The golden undertones of my skin plus hazel-green eyes and black-brown hair create one such successful combination of the Autumn Color Season (Deep or Warm Autumn, to be exact).

To find out your Color Season, follow this link for a Color Analysis

Deciding your Color Aura will help you determine what colors look best on you (e.g.; I, as a Deep Autumn look fantastic in Black, but washed-out in Light Gray). Just as figuring out your face shape will help you pick a flattering haircut and decide the best way to contour with makeup, figuring your coloring will help your overall style.

Just as a teaser before the official blog launch, here are my top 5 fashion tips. I call them:
McKenna's Golden Rules of Fashion

1. Color Aura
    Determine what your Color Aura is and use that to your advantage. It'll help you get your makeup, clothing and jewelry in the best colors for your face and skin tone. It'll also reduce the stress of shopping. If you know ahead of time what colors look best on you, it makes the choosing easier and your wardrobe will have a more or less cohesive color scheme, which means you get more outfits out of fewer items! 

2. Face Shape
    Like I said before, get this right and you're golden! Lots of resources can tell you how to contour your makeup and get your hair cut the best way, so as to draw attention to your countenance.

3. Figure
    This is super important! Once you figure out what type your figure is (Heavy-on-the-Top, Heavy-on-the-Bottom, Hourglass, etc.), then it's much easier to determine what clothes are flattering. And by flattering, I don't mean bringing attention inappropriately. I mean, if you have big hips, a pencil skirt is infinitely more flattering than balloon pants!

4. Ethnicity
    If you're Mediterranean, don't try and dress like an Asian would and vice-versa. What draws attention to the high points of your "look"? I'm not saying that if you're Hawaiian, wear leis instead of necklaces. I am saying that if you favor your Dad's African side, play it up with colors and styles that reflect your ethnicity; don't try to flatten and kill your hair with product so it looks like your Mexican BFF's. Work it! Sometimes I wish I could pull off cornrows, but I know how that would turn out.

5. Style
    Pick it and stick with it! But don't confine yourself, either. You can do both Boho and Retro, but don't get crazy and try Emo Punk out of the blue. Your style should reflect the many sides of your personality. For example, I like to keep it fun and kind of quirky with lots of patterns like florals and plaids, but also Classic with pencil skirts, sweaters and lots of shoes. 

These are just the simplest guidelines I've come up with from the last few years of finding where I fit into the fashion world and where I make my statements. One of the things that got me on the right track to using the features God has given me to their best advantage, was Anna-Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin's 
I highly, highly recommend it! It's worth the money and the time you will put into cleaning up and beautifying your temple.

So, go forth! My (modest...double-meaning intended) fashion blog is only one of many and I hope you're inspired and encouraged. Modesty doesn't have to mean jean jumpers and turtle-necks and fashion doesn't have to mean plunging necklines and booty shorts.

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